• Pro-Audio Gear: Preamps, Compressors, Equalizers, DI Boxes, 500 Series, Summing

Why Purchase an A-Designs Audio Product?

  • Hand-built in the USA to world-class specs
  • Used by industry giants who need top-quality, reliable gear
  • Fully-warranted with first-rate customer service
  • Innovative circuitry built with a no-comprimise attitude
  • Pricing that brings high-end audio to everyone

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About A-Designs Audio

We offer a combined total of 60+ years in engineering, sales and service experience. Our team of experts works for you, with total focus. We understand the transitional pro audio marketplace. Our lean, effective enterprise operates with precision and control, keeping costs to the consumer as attractive as possible while creating products which offer the utmost in pro performance, features, and usability.

We Create

The gear you want, no matter what you are doing


From high-quality tube D.I. boxes to superb preamps, eq's and compressors, A-Designs Audio provides your go-to recording gear in the studio.


From precision sound-editing to creative sound-shaping, the A-Designs Audio line-up of EQ's and compressors are the tools that can help make your mix amazing.


Take that polished studio sound to the stage with A-Designs Audio D.I. boxes, preamps, EQ's and Compressors.